CNO offers thoughts on World Suicide Prevention Day

by Pam Greene, PhD, RN on September 9, 2011 · 0 comments

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It is mindboggling to think that one million people worldwide take their lives each year. One million! More than 32,000 of those suicides occur in the United States. In the U.S., the death rate by suicide is nearly twice the rate of death by homicide.

The global issue of suicide is enormous. I asked myself, “So what can I do?”

To answer that question, I started scanning the various websites announcing September 10 as World Suicide Prevention Day. I discovered all sorts of events being planned and suggestions for what can be done to dispel myths, raise awareness and provide community education, all with the intent to decrease the stigma associated with suicide. There will be a Facebook event on September 10. There are media programs available along with downloadable brochures and various types of programs. There is a plethora of ideas complete with resources. One simple suggestion caught my eye: BLOG!

After several attempts at writing something useful, it became clear. There are all sorts of available websites, many of which are well organized and quite informative. There has been time and expertise devoted to the development of information to use for World Suicide Prevention Day and even Suicide Prevention Week (September 4 – 10). Rather than reinvent the wheel or try to compile a summary, I am issuing an invitation to you to visit one of the sites below and take one minute to learn more about preventing suicide and decreasing stigma:

One minute may not sound like much, but in the fight to prevent suicide, sometimes one minute makes the difference between life and death.

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