Pot can blow your mind, permanently

by Michele Arnold on November 21, 2012 · 5 comments

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"Marijuana affects IQ"Mexican heads macheted off at the neck and dopers lying around stoned out of their minds. What’s the connection? If you’re an American and smoke dope, you’re contributing to the current violence in Mexico. You’re the demand, they’re the supply and legalizing pot won’t change that. The cartels will always come up with an attractive pot blend priced lower than Uncle Sam’s –­ a competition that would be ludicrous to initiate but oh how branding consultants would love it. We’ll see how it plays out in Colorado and Washington state.

If you don’t care about people you don’t know getting whacked by the cartels, how about this: The dope you smoke is making you stupid, stupid enough for people to notice.

Scholarly longitudinal research

On August 28, 2012, BBC News, among other outlets, reported the results of a long-term study of 1,000 adolescents who smoked pot. The Dunedin study revealed that young people suffered cognitive impairments far beyond their youth:

Having taken into account other factors such as alcohol or tobacco dependency or other drug use, as well the number of years spent in education, they found that those who persistently used cannabis – smoking it at least four times a week year after year through their teens, 20s and, in some cases, their 30s – suffered a decline in their IQ.

IQ declines, by the way, are irreversible. The Dunedin Multidisciplinary Health and Development Study was only one study, but it had an unprecedented 96 percent response rate. Participants were honest about their drug use because they had spent so much time with the researchers: The IQ testing and interviews lasted from 1972 to 2012 and included questions about mental health and psychosocial functioning.

Test yourself

You think you’re OK because you weren’t consistently smoking cannabis as a teen? Or maybe you didn’t take toking up until college when your brain was all but through with its critical development stage? Try recording yourself next time you’re stoned. (Voice is fine, videotape is better.) You might sound like someone who’s lost IQ points, despite the fact you consider yourself an ambitious, well-paid success in this world. Yeah, the stupid effects of weed are temporary but why bother? As an educated professional, wouldn’t you be curious to see if you can do without dope for two months as an experiment?

Would you not discover the unadulterated, real you?

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Warren December 13, 2012 at 2:54 pm

Late 80’s, we told dopers that they had a triple threat; lower sperm counts, premature births….seems it didn’t work. Ages vs. Stages strikes again.

Bill Clinton was their poster child for ‘I smoked but didn’t inhale.’ Now Maui Wowie Obama holds the White House. Michele, during an interview, mentioned that ‘Barack isn’t that smart’ which might explain to some why his school records are sealed. His need for teleprompters would suggest memory impairment, but there is no solid evidence to use against users.

Users [Ages] usually are in defiance of social norms they dislike [development stages] which ocassion ‘old people being against me’ [Ages/Stages].

Mexico, like 198 other countries will gladly supply drugs to ship them away from their own populations. Sadness of this British study only feeds into user mentality; ‘What, you calling me stupid?’ Ages and Stages win/lose again.

Hank November 29, 2012 at 7:22 am

Thank you, Michele,

I have wondered why our own government does not seem to have a campaign against pot smoking as a cause of violence. I’m not sure I agree about legalization. Some believe that the enforcement industry (police, SWAT-type equipment vendors) like things the way they are and that pot legalization would eviscerate their way of life. While pot smoking can have adverse mental health effects as do all recreational drugs, perhaps these would be better dealt with as a social problem rather than a legal one.

That said, I think buying pot is clearly immoral and that buyers need to be reminded of the carnage for which they are responsible. Thanks again for your article.

Jan November 28, 2012 at 8:59 am

I am pretty darn liberal on most social issues, but legalizing pot doesn’t make sense to me. Thanks for confirming my intuition!

John November 23, 2012 at 6:07 am

Michele Arnold speaks truth.
Take a look and listen to all those rock & roll ‘heroes’ from the 60’s and 70’s who got lucky enough to have made it this far in life: they sound uneducated, brain-dead, ‘oh-wow’, mumbling, bumbling, dumb.
As a father i tell my five kids: don’t do it, it makes you stupid. Not all of them listen, but that doesn’t stop me saying it. And i just forwarded them all Michele’s good words.

Rich November 22, 2012 at 10:57 pm

These developmental and health effects are definitely under reported. Thanks for the good research.

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