Where do bullies come from?

by Michele Arnold on July 29, 2013 · 2 comments

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Have you ever seen a girl dressed like a hooker and wondered how her mother could let her leave the house dressed like that, and then you saw her mother, dressed the same?

What about bullies?

"Bullies in the school yard"What if the young bullies of this world have parents who are bullies? They take what they learn at home and apply it out in the world. I’m not saying this excuses their behavior, but it is something to consider when all parties concerned sit down together to discuss incidents.

Imagine what it’s like for a child whose parents are psychological bullies:

  • A bully father would tell his son that he’ll never amount to anything. Such a father would make a point of never attending any of the son’s activities.
  • A bully mother would tell her teenage daughter that she needs plastic surgery if she expects a man to marry her.
  • A bully husband would berate his wife, with the dinner guests and children listening, that she didn’t open the red wine soon enough so it could breathe.
  • A bully wife would humiliate her husband in ever so sly ways suggesting that he has not lived up to the expectations she had for him, monetarily, intellectually and/or sexually. These devastating judgments could easily be overheard by the kids.
  • Bully parents would talk openly with their children about physically intimidating the neighbor.

You can see how such a toxic environment would spill over to the school yard.

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