Inspiring hope in the face of depression and hopelessness

by Jon G. Allen, PhD September 27, 2013

Thanks in part to Karl Menninger’s writing, hope has long been prominent in thinking about treatment at The Menninger Clinic. Inspired by this tradition, my colleagues and I have incorporated hope into patient educational groups for many years. In these group sessions, we start with a general discussion about our understanding of hope. After the […]

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What can a family expect from a loved one in early recovery from addiction?

by John O'Neill, LCSW, LCDC, CAS September 20, 2013

Jane Austen once wrote, “To wish is to hope, and to hope is to expect.” When a person enters into recovery, their family has the opportunity to enter into hopeful recovery. The hope starts with an expectation of change. What exactly will change is the dilemma. Will things get better or worse? When someone stops […]

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What to do if someone you know says they’re going to commit suicide

by Michele Arnold August 30, 2013

“I’m going to kill myself.” What do you do if someone tells you he or she is going to kill themselves?   I didn’t know how to answer that question until I listened to a presentation by Tom Ellis, PsyD, ABPP, director of Psychology at The Menninger Clinic.    I learned that first, you must […]

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The bittersweet essence of change and a farewell to Menninger

by Heather Kranz, MEd, CRC August 2, 2013

As I reflect back on my nearly three years as part of the Menninger team, I think first and foremost about what an amazing opportunity I was given and secondly, about what an incredible journey it has been. Now, faced with the transition of leaving the familiar, safe and comfortable to pursue an advanced degree […]

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Where do bullies come from?

by Michele Arnold July 29, 2013

Have you ever seen a girl dressed like a hooker and wondered how her mother could let her leave the house dressed like that, and then you saw her mother, dressed the same? What about bullies? What if the young bullies of this world have parents who are bullies? They take what they learn at home […]

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Why are we all afraid of each other? An extraverted society united in social anxiety

by Heather Kranz, MEd, CRC July 25, 2013

Think about the last time you had the urge to share your thoughts in a large discussion, but withheld your input out of the fear you might sound ignorant, strange or downright idiotic. Now, recall those (probably numerous) instances when another, perhaps more outspoken, individual chimed in and voiced your very thoughts on the matter […]

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Celebrating recovering from mental illness the psychosocial clubhouse way

by Meg Griffin, LMSW July 3, 2013

The other day, one of our clubhouse members told me he was “sick of being sick.” When I asked him what he meant, he said that he was tired of relying on SSDI, tired of not working full time and tired of living with his parents. This is a man in his 40s, who has been […]

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Do psychiatric meds have to be forever?

by Susan Hardesty, MD June 27, 2013

I’m so glad so many Houstonians braved the monsoon that descended just before Menninger’s Community Luncheon got underway. Not only did we get to take part in the celebration honoring Corby and Barbara Robertson, we also got to hear Maureen McCormick, aka “Marcia, Marcia Marcia” of “The Brady Bunch,” give her first presentation ever about her […]

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Celebrating Father’s Day: What a first-time father reveals about secure attachment relationships

by Michael Groat, PhD June 12, 2013

At The Menninger Clinic we think a lot about relationships – how they are nurtured, how they are compromised and how they can grow with steadfast care and attention. As this Father’s Day approaches, thinking about the relationship I am forming with my baby girl – now fast approaching her first birthday – fills me […]

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Would St. Peter ever have referred someone to a psychiatrist?

by Justin Gingrich May 31, 2013

Many of us have probably heard, at one point or another, “You don’t need therapy. You need Jesus.” As if Jesus is a 90-day prescription that you can pick up at your local Walgreens. Maybe you have heard people say that those who take psychiatric medications don’t have enough faith. That if those who had […]

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